Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Austin S. Warren. I'm both a Photographer and Music Educator. I've lived in Orlando my entire life and I'm proud to call this home. I enjoy creating moments for others, whether it be through photography or music. Art is what is I do. Creativity is what I breathe. Moments are what I live for.


Photography began for me in 2014 about half way through my Music Education degree where I purchased my first Canon DSLR with the intent of doing recordings of music for YouTube. A Canon 60D was the first real camera I ever owned. Quickly I found myself snapping more pictures than music videos. Photography swiftly began to occupy my thoughts when I wasn't locked in a practice room learning etudes. I enjoyed everything about the process. The shot, the editing, but most importantly, I enjoyed the delivery of images. The look on people's faces when you capture their best moments is priceless to me. But there was critical a moment, partway through my degree, continuing successfully in school while maintaining a 30+ hour work week was no longer an option. 6 months or so after getting my camera, I decided I would have to support myself on photography. And let me tell you, that is an incredibly hard choice to make. But I'm very glad I made the jump, it has allowed me to devote myself more freely to both music and photography.


Since then, I've invested more of myself into creating a sustainable living from my art. I've developed the skills necessary for me to handle any challenge when it comes to getting the shot. In 2018 I won a Gold and a Silver Addy Award and one Gold CASE Award for my work with UCF Marketing.